#50 Little Cheer,

Hello dear,
here is a little cheer.
As you are walking down this lonely road,
know that it is time to unload.
Remember that you are never alone,
it is not necessary to walk it on your own.
Things might be bad,
but do not be sad.
No one has it fair,
all of us have our own share.
So be glad,
and count the blessings you had.
Someday you will make it through,
just like how others did it too.
Now look around you,
you will find something you never knew.


#48 Fantasy,

In the end what we thought,
was not the thing we sought.
As much as the memories brought,
followed behind by the lessons taught.
There will always be a knot,
as if everything was a plot.
Forget how hard we fought,
and when the problems clot.
Thought we just let things rot,
but maybe not.
Now we shall find for a spot,
where happiness is caught.