Depth of life,


Today, I was randomly flipping this book that I have gotten from my friends this year birthday and I ended at a page that got me like “OMG, is this quote!”
I remembered how I used to like this quote.
“It is not length of life, but depth of life.”

And there you can see, at the background of the picture, there is a similar quote.
These quotes are those I actually picked out probably 1 to 2 years back and pasted on my board to act as a reminder to me.
We often forget how to lead our life more simple. It can be really simple or complicated and up even till today, I still sincerely believed that the way we choose to live, will affect how we live. If we choose to live it happily, we can.
Now, I’m doing my best to live my life with life everyday, doing something we love and finding happiness in whatever we are doing.

Probably few months back, I unintentionally overlapped these quotes with some other papers that the quotes actually got covered up.
And as days goes by, I eventually forgot about it.

Today when I saw it, realisation kind of hit upon me and I felt really thankful that I actually saw these quotes once again.
Sometimes when our life gets too stressful with things we have to worry about or even get upset about,
We tend to forget these small little reminders are actually crucial keys in our lives.
I’m a person who actually dwell on little things and sometimes, I take a pretty long time to get over things.
I’m aware and I know I needed reminders time to time.
It is pretty much of a bad habit but I’ve been trying hard to change myself throughout all these years.
Well, reflections eventually do make a person an even better person right?

I saw this quote while reading the quotes today by Denis Waitley ,”I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet.”
It hit upon me that we should not keep on thinking that our life isn’t perfect.
We have many things that many other people don’t.
And because we are human, we are never satisfied and we kept wanting for more.
But to think about it, how many things in life, have we took for granted?

This is worth a thought for you and me, isn’t it?

Many people know that I love to write and in their cards or messages for me, they wrote a common message, “Continue writing and continue inspiring.”
I can’t be more thankful to receive these messages and know that I have made a difference in people’s lives.
At least a positive one.

I know sometimes when we speak, when we give advices, some people might think that everything is easy because we are not you.
You might even feel that talk is cheap and we can say as much as we want but we don’t feel how you feel.
Everyone is embarked on a different journey in life and thus, we will obtain different experiences so never judge a person.
You never knew what he or she is going through.
But I just wanted to say that, we can empathise but if you want a change in your life, the only person that holds the key is you.
We can write posts and share our experiences but we cannot change your life unless you do it your own.

So why wait?

Be the change for yourself today.



Movie Review – The Book Thief


Initially decided to watch this show because the movie name had the word ‘book’. I thought probably is from this show i can see the love people have for reading and i did.  As you all know, i love reading alot. And im glad to say, i don’t regret watching this show.

One thing i like about the show is that the show talk alot about history. For example crystal night that happened in 1938. They brought up what happened as well and included historical characters such as Hitler. I’m pretty sure this topic on Hitler had sparked many interests when we had our history lessons back then. Well at least for me, it did.

Everytime i read something, i tend to ask, so what happened after that.
You can check out the plot of the show here.

Anyway, i miss reading. I didnt have much time to read recently but yes. After this show, i made a trip down to the library and initially intention was to borrow some books but unknowingly, i sat down and started reading. :’)
Got to say, so thankful for this show,
It reminded me again how much i love to read and rekindle the passion and love i have for reading.
Here’s a quote that i really love in the movie:

“I have hated words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right.”
-Markus Zusak

Well, so dont hesitate and catch it today! 🙂


Picture taken at Books Actually.

This place is a paradise for me, I hope it’s yours too.

Have I told you before how much I actually love reading?

That feeling when you feel like you entered another world,

travelling along with the characters in the book. :’)

But feeling all empty when you finished a book.

 I especially love going to book stores.

Is like the moment when you step into the book store,

You see all the new books on the shelves.

You stand there and admire the books for a while.

You pick up a book,

And feel the cover.

As you flip open the book,

you smell the wonderful smell of a new book.

Then you either start reading it,

or even decide to buy it home.

Ahh, that feeling is the best!

I can spend hours in the book stores,

And coming out feeling so happy over it.


That’s exactly how I feel every time I finished a book.

We get to learn so much from a book itself.

So never ever give up on reading okay?

Books are human’s best friend ever. :’)

A lovely book,

It was a good day yesterday because the book I have waited for so long finally arrived in my letter box!!! It was thanks to C as well because of her, I managed to buy the book at a cheaper price. heh. 😀


And I got so excited that I finish reading the whole book in like 20 minutes time.

The book is really awesome, and if you have interest in poems, you should really get it!
Goona share some nice stuff inside the book 😀


And this I got from tumblr, one of my favourite as well.


If you want to read more, its time for you to buy the book!

You definitely wouldn’t regret it :’)

I have also compared the prices, and this could be the cheapest that is available.

So check it out!

Have a good weekend ahead, everyone!!

“With me poetry has not been a purpose, but a passion.” 
―Edgar Allan Poe