#89 Christmas,

As the night rolled in,
the lights on the christmas trees
shine bright like diamonds.

Children hung their stars
on top of the tree as if
tying their wishes.

The stars on the trees
seemed to harmonize with those
sprinkled in the sky.

The comforting feel
warms up the chilly night in
which a pretty sight.



#33 Moon,


Look at the sky tonight,
with the moon shining so bright.
Numerous sparkling eyes on the moon,
hoping that wishes will come true soon.
That soft and heartwarming feel,
as if letting all troubles and pain heal.
A flow of comfort flows through me,
an inner beauty we cannot see.
There it hangs on the sky so beautifully,
with people’s hopes attach truthfully.
Strangers or friends,
With beginning or end.
Words are no longer necessary,
silence to appreciate was needed especially.
There we stand admiring,
unknowingly we are all smiling.


When the clock ticks 11:11,
everyone knew this was the one.
We looked up to the sky,
praying there wasn’t any other sigh.
Standing up right,
there wasn’t going to be anymore fight.
We closed our eyes,
trying to make this moment mine.
Happiness was prayed,
pink health was wished.
As the time passes by,
it was as if everything was in a brand new light.
Now, the wishes hung up on the sky,
making this another starry night.
We stood there,
letting the breeze blow on our hair.
It was such a good feeling that everyone have,
and it have never left.
Since hopes are bright,
then let it shine throughout the night.

Another poem. Hope you like it. 😀


” Our deepest wishes are whispers of our authentic selves.
We must learn to respect them.
We must learn to listen. ”

Sarah Ban Breathnach