Silence is golden,


Time by time, we forgot that silence is golden.


#35 Back to one,

It made me ponder,
as much as i wonder.
Those memories still tingles,
where feelings also lingers.
As how beautiful it seemed.
Was everything just a dream?
It felt as if it did not exist,
where everything hang in the midst.
Was it just me,
and no one else could see.
Now that it’s all done,
everything fades back to one.

#33 Moon,


Look at the sky tonight,
with the moon shining so bright.
Numerous sparkling eyes on the moon,
hoping that wishes will come true soon.
That soft and heartwarming feel,
as if letting all troubles and pain heal.
A flow of comfort flows through me,
an inner beauty we cannot see.
There it hangs on the sky so beautifully,
with people’s hopes attach truthfully.
Strangers or friends,
With beginning or end.
Words are no longer necessary,
silence to appreciate was needed especially.
There we stand admiring,
unknowingly we are all smiling.

#32 Dad,

The best gift he ever gave,
was something so noble and brave.
The stories he shared,
consists of experiences he had.
Allowing us to gain from he learnt,
these were the things we earned.
Showering us with love,
putting us as priority above.
Being there when we need,
always being our lead.
Shining us through our darkness,
giving us the necessary brightness.
That love which was irreplaceable,
have taught us what was valuable.
The everlasting love will always glow,
and I really appreciate it so.