#194 Memory,

Time passes but the
memories remain, vivid
words lingered in head.

Words so apparent
but then it was you, whom i
have long forgotten.




#190 Nature,

Strong gust of wind blew,
yet naturally taking
you along with it.



(Haven’t got to finish posting the poems i wrote in 2017, so there will be 2 today to mark the arrival of 2018!)

Happy new year all of you! Have a blessed year ahead 🙂

#187 The Melancholy Sky,


Credits: @d_atn (Check him out on instagram for more of his work!)

Ever since that day,
the sky cried buckets of tears,
every now and then.

Was it to soothe the
somber atmosphere or just
for a good night sleep?

Wearing shattered heart
on sleeve, it was sharing my
unspoken story.