#36 The Wanderer,

There is a place I want to go,
somewhere myself do not know.
Just wandering down the street,
and see where the roads meet.
Walking without any help of map,
telling myself maybe just another lap.
Unsure of where to go,
but never stop exploring though.
Purely enjoying the breeze,
feeling everything at ease.
Going on this trip,
as experiences sipped.
Finding stories that were untold,
to realise those were gold.
I saw things with my heart,
which felt like a new start.
Maybe I should keep wandering,
as I continue pondering.



One Ultimate Way To Find Happiness,

The Key To Happiness

1) Take a paper or notebook.

2) Write down the things that have made you happy or sad that day.

3) Repeat it for days.

4) Soon, you will find that the list of sad things will get lesser and lesser.

5) That is where you will find yourself happier because the most important thing is that you find yourself counting your blessings. That’s where you can find happiness.


Happiness could be just right beside you, happening all the time.

We just neglected it because we were just looking at the sad events happening in our lives that we forgot to count our happiness.

Now you know what to do. x)