I was inspired by one of my good friend to write this blog post.


Apparently, she likes to ask me this question when I want to take a photo, ” Why do you want to take photo? I don’t want!”


HAHAA. Then I will tell her why I want to take photographs.


I like taking photographs for a reason.


We can’t preserve time but we can preserve a moment from that time.


That is photographs.


We can’t stop time, however, when we take photographs, we can have a moment of the past, in the future.


Here I will share a few photographs, taken in Taiwan.


I feel that when I look at these pictures in the future, I will be extremely happy and it will be a good way for me to reminisce the past.

Facebook, Instagram, blogs are actually very good tools to store your pictures. 😉

So dear friend, don’t ask me again okay? 🙂

Let’s store these memories for the future.

Guys, next time if people take photographs with you, Take them happily okay! They will become a good memory in the future. 😉


“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” 
― Karl Lagerfeld 



To the bloggers out there,

I find blogs a wonderful and amazing thing.

I first started my blog in 2006. Not this link though. I wrote about things that happen in our lives, and of course NO cyber bullying. haha.

Yes, why have I created this blog? Many people ask me why.

In fact, I’m not very sure. I used to be an addict to blogs whereby I blog every single day. And as I grew older, I lost that interest. However, 1 year back, this passion came back and I decided to open a new blog. And this time, I don’t want my blog to just post about my daily lives, but I want to share my stories and things I have learnt throughout my life.

I want people to learn with me and hopefully, they will be able to get some advices through this blog to help in their daily lives.

When I first started this blog, I was hoping that I could just reach out to first, my friends. And who knows, I started to gain followers! I can still remember that happiness in my heart when more and more followers came.

Up till today, I managed to have 70 followers, and I am really grateful about that. (Hopefully I still can gain more in the future 😀 )

Not only that, I like blogs because I find blogs are a cool tool that brings everyone from different countries to “meet”. From their blogs, we can learn about each other’s lives, countries, and even cultures.

This blog, have given me lots of satisfaction and knowledge I would probably not even be able to gain from books or textbooks. It is an experience and feeling that go through your heart because you are able to feel it, as you are part of it.

I don’t know how to explain it but I’m pretty certain many other bloggers out there have the same feeling as me.

And I would like to tell the bloggers that I have met, I have talked to,

Thank you for all your blogposts because I learnt alot from them.

No matter how many followers you have, no matter how many readers you have, it’s certain that out there in the world, there will be someone who actually appreciate your work. 🙂 Never give up and continue your passion to write.

We might have started the blog, perhaps for different purposes.

But we have one thing in common.

That is the love and passion to blog.

That precious memory,

Our lives were perfect,

there were nothing that we lacked.

Things were unexpected,

but it was not what we wanted. 

You left us,

in a speed that was so fast.

That day when we cried,

obviously we had no more appetite. 

That night, we wept,

so much tears were shed.

How much we feared,

was the amount of tears that have been teared, 

Those days were a horror, 

when all of us were drowned into sorrow.

Slowly by slowly.

step by step.

We put you into our memory,

and we no longer live in the misery.

Now that it have been so long, 

we have moved on.

The love we have,

will always be there.

Have you guys ever had something that you have forgotten for a very long time and one day, you were walking down the street? Then the memory suddenly returned back to you as a vivid memory and that you could remember it as if the incident had just happened yesterday.

Or is there a  memory that you can never ever forget in your entire life even though it happened very long time ago.

It was that day. The day that my grandmother left us. It was too sudden, and perhaps that was what added to the impact that had caused all of us, whereby we can never ever forget what happened that day.

A piece of memory came to me that day. I do not really remember much about the things that happened in the past. But this piece of memory came back:

That day, she brought me to the market. She held my hand all along and when we reached a store, she bought something from the shop and this shop sell toys as well. She asked me if I wanted the toy. As a kid, i nodded. It was a farm set of toys. Now, I still have the 2 piece of toys with me.


The week before she went to heaven, she said to me,

“我要收这些美美的衣服过年!“ (I want to keep these beautiful clothes for Chinese new year! )

I believe that when she left us, that incident kind of changed me.
I became more conscious and aware of the things around me and no longer take things for granted.

What I regret is that I never had a chance to say.” I love you and thank you” to her.
I lost that chance but I believed that she will still understand me.

Now and then,

I will still think about her.



It is impossible not to miss someone who was once a part of your life.