#181 Dancing Tears,

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Her droplets of tears
danced along her face for she
deserve that blessings.



#92 Goodbye 2014 and Hello 2015,

Remember what make you smile,
all this long while.
Forget what make you cry,
and let those sorrows die.
Time flew by in the blink of an eye,
as this year bids goodbye.
So let’s welcome the start,
from the bottom of our heart.
As peace and happiness await,
together with a new future we create.


#63 Happiness,

What we are after,
is a life full of laughter.
Live our lives to the fullest,
as we enjoy the goodness.
Keep our loved ones by our side,
and they will always be our pride.
So we will stand tall,
and pick ourselves up when we fall.
And we will hear the call,
of the simple happiness to us all.


#57 Reignite,

It is scary to lose sight,
of things that is right.
And when mistakes and sorrows bite,
one will land in a sad plight.
It might cause one to lose that light,
that used to be so bright.
So I no longer fight,
for unhappy things I used to hold tight.
To my simple delight,
the light in my eyes slowly reignite.