#19 Life

Here’s a poem for you ! 🙂

Sail on the sea of tears,
and throw away our fears.
Fly up to the sky,
and get rid things off our mind.
Walk down the road, 
and get the weight off your load.
Life gives you many challenges,
a test to see how you manages.
But thankfully, it is never an one way street, 
there are still many experiences for you to meet.
The determination we always believe we could,
and things will definitely be good.
When all we could think about that is sad,
and things will certainly be bad.
The particular way of travel,
determines our happiness level.
So we keep on searching, 
and keep on looking.
Our lives were never meant to be a destination,
but a world that is full of fascination.


Hope you like it!

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“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” 
―Mae West



Hi everyone,

I am back again.

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“God gave you a gift of 84,600 seconds today. Have you used one of them to say thank you?”
― William Arthur Ward 


” We want to be an author/ a writer.”

Many of us have these aspirations where we hope to achieve one day.

Blogging is one we do to express how we feel, change our feelings into words to get through to the others.

I can’t explain how amazed I feel about words everyday.

Some say they are not good writers and thus, they do not write.

But do you know?

All of us are born to be writers.

We write every single day.

We write our own stories and all of ours, unique and special.

We cannot choose how things go in our lives but we can choose how we want to live our life.

We can choose how to look at things in a certain way – positive or negative.

And we can choose whether to make difference in other people’s lives.


Just want to add the fact that,

We write our own fate and stories.

And the pen is in your hands,

so you know what to do now. 🙂

“You can make anything by writing.”
― C.S. Lewis 

#18 Black, White, Grey

Hi everyone, I’m back with a poem.
This poem is abit deep and thus, try to read it by the small paragraphs.
Hope you like it. 😀

Black, White and Grey

The things that people fear,

what happened might make them tear.

“I cannot do it”,

where expectations cannot meet.

The world is black,

where hopes and dreams lacked.

The things that people dream,

passion and love can be seen.

To reach the peak of the world,

where everything perfect twirl.

The world is white,

a place where all the things are in a bright light.

The things that people worry yet anticipate,

and it is their choice whether to participate.

To reach their goal is not an easy ride,

and they have to put up a good fight.

Things might be good or bad,

that drives one happy or mad.

The world is grey,

where reality lay.

Thank you for reading.
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Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to myself!

AHAH. I wish that everything would be just nice.

People with good health, happy and that’s all. As long as they are happy.

Simple stuff like that :’)

Thank you for all the posts on timeline, texts, calls, whatsapp, everything.

Thank you for remembering and I really appreciate it. :’))

Feel so blessed and thankful for everything.


“Age is just a number.”, I keep telling myself.