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That lesson of tissue paper,

This is definitely worth a post.

The lesson of tissue paper.


How many of you will stop doing your work and spend a little precious time of yours to read this?

Today, I saw a really heartbreaking scene and I really felt if I could just do a little more. I would.
In the morning, I went to work as usual and these days, I have been noticing this old lady sitting in front of the MRT gantry, trying to sell her tissue papers.

I felt a bit bad for not stopping to buy from her because of the rush hours to work and today, I decided to just leave home earlier so I would have enough time to reach there in time and probably just stopped by to buy tissue from her. Out of the 20 people among the crowd, no one stopped by and just walked past her as if she was invisible and she looked really sad. I approached her and eventually took out a $2 from my wallet and passed it to her.

What really got to me was her expression. She was really surprised and she passed me the tissues with gratitude in her eyes. I knew .. out of so many people, she did not really manage to sell her tissue to..

This incident really made me wonder how fast our society is really moving and we just tend to neglect things that are happening around us. Like for example, people who really just need a little love and help from the society, who is there to really there to give them some of their time and help?

How many things are we actually taking for granted..?

and how many times have we pretend not to see?

Hopefully you who is reading this, can slow down your pace, look around and observe. You will really see things you tend not to.

And your small little gesture, could just make a difference to people’s lives, even if it’s just abit..

Anyway, thanks for taking your time to read this! Have a good week ahead.



#17 Memory,

(A poem to heaven)

Remember how radiant our smile were,

when happiness empowered.

Those days that we could talk for hours,

and only laughter showered.

Those moments that are recalled here and then,

where things no longer can be mend.

That piece of recollection still comes back to the mind,

where it will not get erased by time.

Time will pass,

but memory will last.

Those memories that were created,

and those emotions need not be stated.

Photographs bring us back to memory,

where things used to be so glimmery.

You might be gone,

but our love for you will not be torn.

I can no longer reach you now,

where we are separated by thousand of miles.

But I will hug you with my prayers,

where the memory tailors.


#16 Power of words,

Words are so beautiful

and yet can be so sinful.

It depends on how the people use them,

and the purposes what they meant.

Is either they bring rainbow,

or there they bring sorrow.

Words that are once spoken,

would those become motion?

Words might be forgotten,

which led to promises being broken.

You can express yourself through words,

through those that you have learnt.

Yet, saying words are like singing a song,

where you hum along.

But once it is sung,

or even if it is a slip of the tongue,

there is no turning back,

where time cannot backtrack.

Words, how powerful it is,

there an impact leaves.

#15 That friend,

Everyone of us have people to thank.  I do and so do you. 🙂 I do have alot of people to thank. Both males and females.  I wrote it in a male context though.. but nonetheless, hope you like it!!

#15 That friend,

To that someone I call a friend,

till the very end.

He was there since the very start,

which was a friendship’s beautiful art.

The stories that he listened,

the lessons he slowly learnt.

The steps he takes,

another path he makes.

The advices he gave,

was what experiences have left.

Hope was what he prayed,

where uncertainties would fade.

He helped as much as he could,

and wished that the outcome would be good.

Smiles and laughters he brought,

was something that his friends thought.

He was sent from the heaven,

to become their safe haven.

Thank you so much friend,

and hope that our friendship never ends.


#14 Internship

Taking that one step,

brings us to another lap.

A part of a journey,

another set of life tourney.

A closer step to our dream,

another light it beamed.

The road might be harsh,

and things might go very fast.

So bring out a laugh,

you will see that the road is not that tough.

Things that we will learn,

will be precious lessons we earn.

Friends we used to tease,

will be people whom we miss.

Some memories that we planted,

could be things we took for granted.

But keep it going,

experiences will continue growing.

So enjoy the process,

in the future and you will notice the potential you possess.


#13 The Irony Of Life

One step,

and two.

His weak steps caused him to stumble,

and he mumbled.

May the night,

brings out the light.

Each breath he takes,

was a heartache.

He looked up to the sky,

and thought if his life was not a sigh.

That warm moonlight,

was a beautiful sight.

Stars twinkle and winkle,

and up the sky, they mingle.

They shone so brightly,

just like how he grab on his life tightly.

He remembered that fateful day,

when everything was taken away.

That collapse of his,

gave many opportunities a miss.

When he heard the news,

where was he supposed to find an excuse?

He was in a daze,

when he realised the reality he would have to face.

He was that young,

when the bell of the illness rung.

He struggled to live,

where only emotions seaved.

He prayed hard each day,

hoping that the next day he can still have a say.

He pondered,

and he wondered.

That beautiful sky,

yet a hard life.

How ironic,

is life.


#12 Our past,

Poem #12 Our past,

Sail me away,

with all of our memories.

Take me away,

back to the past.

I wish,

and I list.

The things I would want to do,

never had it seemed so full.

I never ever wanted so badly.

to be a time traveller madly.

Those times that we had,

might be happy or sad.

Those words we said that day,

were etched in our mind for say.

Everything had changed as we grew older,

and each day, the memories getting fader.

what left unchanged are pictures,

that reminds us of the features,

and probably even lessons that teaches.

But I know those times are gone,

and I can only wait for tomorrow’s dawn.

That is somewhere I can’t go back anymore.