#12 Our past,

Poem #12 Our past,

Sail me away,

with all of our memories.

Take me away,

back to the past.

I wish,

and I list.

The things I would want to do,

never had it seemed so full.

I never ever wanted so badly.

to be a time traveller madly.

Those times that we had,

might be happy or sad.

Those words we said that day,

were etched in our mind for say.

Everything had changed as we grew older,

and each day, the memories getting fader.

what left unchanged are pictures,

that reminds us of the features,

and probably even lessons that teaches.

But I know those times are gone,

and I can only wait for tomorrow’s dawn.

That is somewhere I can’t go back anymore.



7 thoughts on “#12 Our past,

  1. If time travel were possible, there are many things i would like to change and correct as they are things i truly regret. It would also be great to be able to relive the great times that have passed, guess the only way is to do so in our dreams.

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