#15 That friend,

Everyone of us have people to thank.  I do and so do you. 🙂 I do have alot of people to thank. Both males and females.  I wrote it in a male context though.. but nonetheless, hope you like it!!

#15 That friend,

To that someone I call a friend,

till the very end.

He was there since the very start,

which was a friendship’s beautiful art.

The stories that he listened,

the lessons he slowly learnt.

The steps he takes,

another path he makes.

The advices he gave,

was what experiences have left.

Hope was what he prayed,

where uncertainties would fade.

He helped as much as he could,

and wished that the outcome would be good.

Smiles and laughters he brought,

was something that his friends thought.

He was sent from the heaven,

to become their safe haven.

Thank you so much friend,

and hope that our friendship never ends.


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