#119 Past,


After all these while,
a sorry heart was found yet
nothing else has changed.

So let bygones be
bygones as we did not lose
but gained a lesson.

Let the memories
fade with time as no one can
go back any more.




Have you wondered how meaningful photographs are?
As time passes, you will actually find things changing along together. Places you have gone to could be modernised or maybe, it could also have been removed.

Sometimes, people you know changes as well. Actually everyone do changes. As we get older, our mindset changes according to our age and experiences that have shaped us to who we are. In a point of our lives, we might also have lost people we loved.

Maybe one day, you will look at yourself in the mirror and start thinking how you were like back then. That is probably where photographs comes in place.

People changes, place changes, but photographs do not change. That certain moment could have been over long time ago, but yet photographs captures those memories that would also stay stagnant for you to reminisce when the time comes.

One day, you probably find yourself looking at pictures and you will be like , ” I actually remember this time! ” Memories of that certain period will probably start playing as if you were watching a video. Just that it is a special video. It belongs to you.

Photograph is like a pictorial diary for you to look at in any time of your life. Now, do you know why I love taking photographs? Because they are memories I will really treasure and reminisce in the future..

I do hope that you have found a way to capture yours too.

Bye for now!

#27 A stranger,

Among the crowd,
I saw you again.
After all these years,
you still looked the same.
Memories started to flow back,
and it reminded me of how close we were.
We used to talk about things,
everything that was under the sun.
Things are different now,
because we parted ways.
Slowly and slowly,
we drifted off together with time.
The thing is that we did not quarrel,
but both of us had lost.
Lost to something,
called time.
A thought flashed cross my mind,
if we could go back to how we used to be.
Then I started to wonder,
if you felt the same as me.
At the same time,
our eyes came into contact.
I wanted to smile to you,
but you decided to look away.
It was also that point of time when I got my answer,
I once had a best friend that is now a stranger.


#12 Our past,

Poem #12 Our past,

Sail me away,

with all of our memories.

Take me away,

back to the past.

I wish,

and I list.

The things I would want to do,

never had it seemed so full.

I never ever wanted so badly.

to be a time traveller madly.

Those times that we had,

might be happy or sad.

Those words we said that day,

were etched in our mind for say.

Everything had changed as we grew older,

and each day, the memories getting fader.

what left unchanged are pictures,

that reminds us of the features,

and probably even lessons that teaches.

But I know those times are gone,

and I can only wait for tomorrow’s dawn.

That is somewhere I can’t go back anymore.



Greetings to everyone.
Today is 11/11/2012. A very pretty number. :))
Okie. Decided I shall just talk about a topic that I’ve been talking about with one of my friend.
Past is defined as the time gone by.
I sometimes wonder how people actually feel upon being asked this sentence, ” Do you like to share your past?”
Initially I felt that everyone could be pretty open about it and then I realised I was wrong.
Not everyone is willing to share their past.
And when asked the reason why, because they don’t feel like it.
Some said they were shameful of their past.
Then I understood why.
We all have things that we don’t want to share with other people.
To be honest, I’m really surprised by how we open up to different people in different ways.
For example, a girl can only talk about the happenings in school with some of her friends and she actually have alot to share with other people.
Well, does that come with trust?
I guess so.
We share things to people we trust.
Who is willing to share your secrets with a backstabber? No.
So back to the topic, probably is interlinked with the previous posts I talked about perceptions,
We choose who our friend is, we define clearly who our good friend is.
I find it really cool because these small actions in our lives are the ones who slowly formed that trust we have to people.
For example, a boy fell down, 2 other boys were at the side. 1 rushed to help him, another just looked at him blankly. Who will he trust more?
Certainly, it will be the boy who helped him up.
Perhaps in our lives are build up by different actions and words said by people.
Things we experienced in our lives, with people around us, are the ones who shaped who we are today.
And yet, many things are the ones we often neglect in our lives.

Thus, I just want to say that, Do not be shameful of your past.

Who don’t have a past?

We all have stories to tell.
That’s what makes life beautiful right? 🙂


Let your past make you better, not bitter. 

Thank you 🙂