That lesson of tissue paper,

This is definitely worth a post.

The lesson of tissue paper.


How many of you will stop doing your work and spend a little precious time of yours to read this?

Today, I saw a really heartbreaking scene and I really felt if I could just do a little more. I would.
In the morning, I went to work as usual and these days, I have been noticing this old lady sitting in front of the MRT gantry, trying to sell her tissue papers.

I felt a bit bad for not stopping to buy from her because of the rush hours to work and today, I decided to just leave home earlier so I would have enough time to reach there in time and probably just stopped by to buy tissue from her. Out of the 20 people among the crowd, no one stopped by and just walked past her as if she was invisible and she looked really sad. I approached her and eventually took out a $2 from my wallet and passed it to her.

What really got to me was her expression. She was really surprised and she passed me the tissues with gratitude in her eyes. I knew .. out of so many people, she did not really manage to sell her tissue to..

This incident really made me wonder how fast our society is really moving and we just tend to neglect things that are happening around us. Like for example, people who really just need a little love and help from the society, who is there to really there to give them some of their time and help?

How many things are we actually taking for granted..?

and how many times have we pretend not to see?

Hopefully you who is reading this, can slow down your pace, look around and observe. You will really see things you tend not to.

And your small little gesture, could just make a difference to people’s lives, even if it’s just abit..

Anyway, thanks for taking your time to read this! Have a good week ahead.




4 thoughts on “That lesson of tissue paper,

  1. Oh it’s so nice to hear that you stopped! Everyday when I walk my dog we pass a homeless man and everyday we stop and she loves him so she says hello and he loves my dog and just those 3 minutes make him so happy

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