#177 Serenity,

With sound of wind, the
waves hitting the shore, her thoughts
wandered through the sea.

To somewhere she could
have it all to no one else
but just to herself.



(First post in 2017, hi im back :p)


Honoured ^-^

HELLO. I’m here to share the good news with all of you! Really honoured and glad that I won the lucky draw by Genevieve ! I  am pleased to say that I really love her book so much! Specially thanks to gen for having this lucky draw and i got a signed copy! Yays!

Please remember to get your copy when her books are on amazon! ^^

Heres a glimpse of the prizes that im really proud to have. ;p


Check out her blog now! ^^


Kudos to a new friendship and i have the secret safe with me. ^^