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#27 A stranger,

Among the crowd,
I saw you again.
After all these years,
you still looked the same.
Memories started to flow back,
and it reminded me of how close we were.
We used to talk about things,
everything that was under the sun.
Things are different now,
because we parted ways.
Slowly and slowly,
we drifted off together with time.
The thing is that we did not quarrel,
but both of us had lost.
Lost to something,
called time.
A thought flashed cross my mind,
if we could go back to how we used to be.
Then I started to wonder,
if you felt the same as me.
At the same time,
our eyes came into contact.
I wanted to smile to you,
but you decided to look away.
It was also that point of time when I got my answer,
I once had a best friend that is now a stranger.


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Movie Review – The Book Thief


Initially decided to watch this show because the movie name had the word ‘book’. I thought probably is from this show i can see the love people have for reading and i did.  As you all know, i love reading alot. And im glad to say, i don’t regret watching this show.

One thing i like about the show is that the show talk alot about history. For example crystal night that happened in 1938. They brought up what happened as well and included historical characters such as Hitler. I’m pretty sure this topic on Hitler had sparked many interests when we had our history lessons back then. Well at least for me, it did.

Everytime i read something, i tend to ask, so what happened after that.
You can check out the plot of the show here.

Anyway, i miss reading. I didnt have much time to read recently but yes. After this show, i made a trip down to the library and initially intention was to borrow some books but unknowingly, i sat down and started reading. :’)
Got to say, so thankful for this show,
It reminded me again how much i love to read and rekindle the passion and love i have for reading.
Here’s a quote that i really love in the movie:

“I have hated words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right.”
-Markus Zusak

Well, so dont hesitate and catch it today! 🙂

#26 FYP,

This whole long ride,

We worked all our might.

As we keep trying hard for,

The expectations were getting more.

It was a lesson of determination,

to test our perseverance.

It was not an easy fight,

but soon, we get to see the beautiful light.

Anticipation was all we have,

What is it that is still left?

Support from our lovely friends,

have brought us almost to the end.

Now that numbness was all that was left,

I’ll let you know more when I catch my breath.