Another Meaningful day,

Wanted to blog these past days but didn’t really have the time. Apparently was busy with assignments and with life. hehe.

So a year and 2 days back which is the 25th May 2012 was the day I had my surgery and 26th, another one. Memories really flow back, and guess that was really my life turning point. 😉 Time really flies~

Anyway, went to zoo on 26th May, glad I spent it meaningfully this year. My family and I joined a walkathon that was organised by Leukemia and lymphoma foundation at the zoo! It was a really great experience and I haven’t been to the zoo for very long! Then we went to the newly opened River Safari to see the famous pandas, Kaikai and JiaJia! :)) Apparently they were asleep and we sat there and waited for them to wake up! I’m glad they did. :d

Will be sharing photos too, hehe.





Aren’t they cute? 😀


The cute coffee :d


Cute Panda bun! (ITS DELICIOUS BTW!)



That’s how I spend my wonderful day. 😀

How did you spend yours? 🙂

And yesterday night, got a text that further brighten my mood.

It was from my ILP buddy, Jenny! :))

She sent some photos that she took from Sentosa and share them with me!

Let me share one of the photo too :))


I’m glad I’m still in contact with her. One of my coolest friendship ever ^_^

Thankful for everything I have received, everyday is a gift.

Thank you. 😉


When some things go wrong, take a moment to be thankful for the many more things that are still going right. -Annie Gottlier


Are you listening? Or maybe not.


I was reading this book in the bus and I came across this page.

Thought I like to share with all of you :))

Credits to :  Have a little Faith by MItch Albom

There are so many things that we have been neglecting in our lives.

Maybe we are still doing it now,

but we just did it unknowingly that we did not realise it.

Many of us just chose to listen selectively and thus, we always miss out little details in the words.

So today,

Ask yourself,

Are you really listening?

If not, you know what to do. 😀

Quote:  “It takes a great man to be a good listener.” 

-Calvin Coolidge 

Have a good week ahead everyone!

My 100th post, my life story.

Hiya, I’m back!

This will officially be my 100th post since I joined wordpress!

And thus, I decided to post something that means close to me and hopefully bring out the meaning of this life story to everyone.

So here goes.

I was a happy go lucky girl since young.

Everyone says that if ever the sky falls, I could have just used the sky as my blanket. haha.

I might not be a very outspoken person, okay maybe I do. To the people who I’m close to.

But yea, one thing I’m ever glad that I have was to have this optimistic attitude of mine.

Whenever I am upset or so, I might whine alot, like literally complain. But I mean no harm. I love to say it out, well of course is better to say then to bottle up in my heart, isn’t it? hahaa, That could raise my risk of having heart problem. :p

First change was when it was 2007.
I used to be quite a rebellious girl during 2007. Well, it was the stage that many become really really bad. I’m glad I did not turn out that way.
I remembered how much I love to buy branded bags and so.

But yes, I wasn’t the one paying for them.

I remembered how freely I always used my money.
I did not have the habit of saving back then as well.
All I did, was to spend.

I can’t remember what happened, but I did change.
Partly , i think  it was because of the passing on of my grandmother.
I started to slowly see things in another perspective.

Then I moved on to another year where I found my love in reading books.

I really miss those times spent with my friends reading, spending our break times, lunch times, just purely reading. It was really great fun.

Yet, when I reached the next 2 years,

I started to get very tired with my studies and started to feel the burden of studying.

Of course, I did not score very well, with that mindset as my motivation was really low.

Now thinking back, I could have gotten better, if I had more motivation.

But during the low period of my life,

I had the most wonderful amazing people around me.

I have my family there for me and the most wonderful mentor- Mdm Tan.

I remembered how well she motivated me, giving me courage and strength to go on.

She would talk to me about achieving my goals and so.

Sometimes, teachers do not have to teach through lessons, but really, giving support to the students when they need it was really important.

I went on to my another stage of life and after thinking for a long time, I decided I would do something meaningful to my life, in the end, taking up gerontology.

I found my passion in this.

Learning about active ageing and so. And hopefully, these knowledge will be useful in the future.

Then I have my another change in my life.

One fine day, I spotted a floater in my eye. In the end, I went for eye check up.
To my horror, to find out that my retinal had detached.

I was afraid and scared to hear about the surgery processes that totally freaks me out.

I was like, “WHAT?! You have to take my eyeball out?”

Sounds disgusting and painful , isn’t it? Ouch.

I was that young and I started to wonder.

How would this happen to me?

Normally, it would happen to older people, stated by the doctor.

But I was too young for that!

I was horrified and when I went to  another hospital, the doctor wanted a surgery straight!

My mind couldn’t even processed!!!

So I told myself, “CW, BE STRONG.”

The doctor felt that he could try laser surgery first.

And yes, I went in.

During the procedure, I was like, “OH GAWD, IT HURTS!!!!!!!!”

I felt my tears were flowing.

I thought of the happy moments I have, trying to distract me from the pain.

I was glad, I survived!!!!

But in the end, when I went for the check up the very next day,

he realised there was a need for another round. 😦

And this time, I guess I was stronger.

In a short while. it was done.

After that matter, I have alot of thoughts flowing through my mind and I became what I am like today.

I lost 10% of my vision but I have started to notice small little things that I couldn’t noticed or cared in the past.

And ta da, another positive attitude girl is created.

I felt like a brand new girl after my surgery.

Well, you may call it unlucky, but I am really glad I survived and I’ve been through a lesson that taught right into my heart.

Well, this is my life story and my dear 100th post.

It was a tough process but I learnt alot from them.

Do you feel happy for me?

I do, I really do.


And yes , thank you for my 87 followers.

Everything does happen for a reason. 😉

Poem #11 Appreciate,

Poem #11 Appreciate

The things we did,

were the answers we seek.

The truth we had,

was hard for people to bear.

Blame was pushed to another,

just like any other.

Anger we felt,

Sorrow we melt.

The jealousy we had,

the suffering we met.

Yet, things were forgotten,

as if they have never ever happened.

Those were the great times,

where we had so much fun.

When we lose it,

then we remembered it.

What we had forgotten to do,

was not to see what we lose.

We did not take the measure,

to protect the treasure.

And that was to appreciate.

Many times in our lives,

we kept blaming other people for what they did. We forgot how much they ever done for us, how much they loved us. Sometimes, we allow anger, jealousy to get over us which made us do things that we will regret in that instant. Now thinking back, don’t feel that it is so silly? We might have lost some precious things in the past, and we might not get it back.
 So what we have to do now is to :
Appreciate what you have, people.
Do not regret only after you lost it.
“The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.”
– Friedrich Nietzsche

Lessons learnt in bus rides,

Decided to write on bus rides.
On the previous blog post, I wrote that I like taking bus rides in the morning.

So I decided to write about the reason why.

Taking a bus is not just to travel from one place to another.
Rather, they are lessons I have in buses.

In the morning, if I do not get a seat in the bus, guess what I like to do?

I like to observe people.

Well, and I realised how fast our society was going.

How fast it was moving at a speed of light.

And everyone was tired, trying to catch up with that sparkling light to the future.

Another thing I observed and like to see, is especially kind acts in the early morning.

It really gets to me when I see how tired this person is, but yet is kind enough to give up their seats for those who needs it.

It really warms people’s heart to see such acts.

Small little acts, such as people moving, give places for others to get on the bus, really means alot to someone.

Maybe not everyone noticed, but yes.

A person can choose not to bother, and in the end, the other party couldn’t get up the bus and have to wait for another one.

Well people do that, not for any rewards, but did you know, a simple thank you, can make a difference in one person’s day and life.

The person could be feeling moody all day, and that simple thank you, can brighten up his/her day.

And life? Of course, this could be a trigger to people’s lives. When they know that their “Thank you” can make a difference in people’s lives, they will probably remember to do so next time.

And when this becomes a long term effect, the world will definitely become so much better!!!

“Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.” 
― Henry James