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Days back, had gotten more than 25,000 views and had reached the 1000 subscribers mark!!

Sincerely thank you to all the readers whichever country you are from. A BIG THANK YOU!!
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All in one, :d

Hey everyone,

Sorry been awhile for a long time. Was pretty busy to update anything.

I’m back here again to share my experiences!

Today I had the most wonderful experience ever. I went to participate this event with my sister. Image

Yes, So it was a Sg challenge whereby we were supposed to fold 50000 hearts in one hour time and 500 kg of rice would be donated to the needy. And the most coincidence thing was that I met Zoe at the event! She’s a friend that I have met in one of the volunteering experience I had in the past and I was like omg. ahahha. 🙂 It was great to see her anyway!

Anyway it was a super good experience. Here’s some photos to share with all of you!


The hearts look like these..


One of the bag of hearts.. 😀


The participants ;D

Anyway, I went to meet my buddy, Jenny on Monday! Remember her?

She’s my buddy for the ILP Program.

Had a really good talk with her and I think I will never ever forget what she say that day.

It was this process.


Listen to what other people have to say, show empathy and then put yourself in their shoes.

Always show kindness to people around you even if they don’t.

Also, on wednesday, went to an event done by my friends.

It’s known as G(art)itude and its something like art therapy.



You are supposed to draw things that you are thankful about.

Here’s what my friends and I did. :p


“Share little things in life with your loved ones, like happy songs and smiles!!! ”

Everyone, have a great week ahead okay!!

Poem #11 Appreciate,

Poem #11 Appreciate

The things we did,

were the answers we seek.

The truth we had,

was hard for people to bear.

Blame was pushed to another,

just like any other.

Anger we felt,

Sorrow we melt.

The jealousy we had,

the suffering we met.

Yet, things were forgotten,

as if they have never ever happened.

Those were the great times,

where we had so much fun.

When we lose it,

then we remembered it.

What we had forgotten to do,

was not to see what we lose.

We did not take the measure,

to protect the treasure.

And that was to appreciate.

Many times in our lives,

we kept blaming other people for what they did. We forgot how much they ever done for us, how much they loved us. Sometimes, we allow anger, jealousy to get over us which made us do things that we will regret in that instant. Now thinking back, don’t feel that it is so silly? We might have lost some precious things in the past, and we might not get it back.
 So what we have to do now is to :
Appreciate what you have, people.
Do not regret only after you lost it.
“The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.”
– Friedrich Nietzsche

Thank you :)

I think all of us have people to thank in our lives.

They could be people whom have helped us in big or little ways in our life.

They could be people whom have done things that have made impact in one’s life.

They could be people who have taught you lessons and allow you to gain experiences in your lives.

It also be little things that have happened in our lives, that we tend to neglect.

Yet those were the ones, that made us grew.

This song is dedicated to the people in my life, that I would like to sincerely thank  which includes:

My family who have always been there for me when I needed it. No matter rain or shine, when I turn back, I will always see them there.  Thank you for showering me all the love and giving a wonderful home that I can go home every single day.

The dear ones who have left my life: Although you have left, I think you are at a even better place and I can’t wish more for you, being happier over there. You will always be in my heart. And of course, in my prayers.

My friends who have always been there to share their life stories with me, giving my life much surprises and happiness.

My readers who have been reading my blog, commenting on it, that I have appreciated alot.

The people who have walked in my life. Maybe some of you, I might not be very close to but still thank you for coming into my life.

Lastly, to friends whom I haven’t met, I guess by the time we met, more interesting things and stories will be told and I’m definitely looking forward to it.

So here, This song is dedicated to all of you:

Enjoy and thank you 🙂

“Quote: “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”