#92 Goodbye 2014 and Hello 2015,

Remember what make you smile,
all this long while.
Forget what make you cry,
and let those sorrows die.
Time flew by in the blink of an eye,
as this year bids goodbye.
So let’s welcome the start,
from the bottom of our heart.
As peace and happiness await,
together with a new future we create.


#89 Christmas,

As the night rolled in,
the lights on the christmas trees
shine bright like diamonds.

Children hung their stars
on top of the tree as if
tying their wishes.

The stars on the trees
seemed to harmonize with those
sprinkled in the sky.

The comforting feel
warms up the chilly night in
which a pretty sight.


#87 Rain,


As the raindrop falls,
I found comfort in the soft
murmuring of rain.

Troubles seemed to fade
and vanished into thin air,
not leaving traces.

Now I do believe
rain has healing power to
wash away worries.

Memories flashed past
as I closed my eyes and fell
into a deep sleep.