#200 Love,

Your existence was
significant, where you left
marks on their faces.

Brimming with joy and
drowning in tears, your presence
was deeply yearned for.

You have no labels
nor boundaries, one cherished
for you were love.



#142 Lost In Memories,

Under the bright moon
in a dark night, I held the
memories in heart.

Embracing something
that was lost with time to come
back to me once more.



PS: I’ve alot of people texting me about my blog, sorry that I don’t really have inspiration nowadays so I rarely write, but I hope you enjoy this. I’ll see you soon x

#35 Back to one,

It made me ponder,
as much as i wonder.
Those memories still tingles,
where feelings also lingers.
As how beautiful it seemed.
Was everything just a dream?
It felt as if it did not exist,
where everything hang in the midst.
Was it just me,
and no one else could see.
Now that it’s all done,
everything fades back to one.

#26 FYP,

This whole long ride,

We worked all our might.

As we keep trying hard for,

The expectations were getting more.

It was a lesson of determination,

to test our perseverance.

It was not an easy fight,

but soon, we get to see the beautiful light.

Anticipation was all we have,

What is it that is still left?

Support from our lovely friends,

have brought us almost to the end.

Now that numbness was all that was left,

I’ll let you know more when I catch my breath.