#124 Laughter,

Credits: Google

Credits: Google

Those laughter does not
come out through mouth but from a
place deep in the heart.




#92 Goodbye 2014 and Hello 2015,

Remember what make you smile,
all this long while.
Forget what make you cry,
and let those sorrows die.
Time flew by in the blink of an eye,
as this year bids goodbye.
So let’s welcome the start,
from the bottom of our heart.
As peace and happiness await,
together with a new future we create.


My Favourite Posts..

Thought I’ll just share a few of my favourite posts here for all of you to read. hehe. 🙂

This post was actually meant to cover the question I posted during March but I’ve decided to change the way and here goes.

These following below are my favourite or the most meaningful posts to my heart and soul, so if it is possible, please take some time to read it.

I’ll be really grateful 😉

The top 10 posts: (not ranked accordingly)

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Hope everyone like these! 🙂

Leave some comments too!!  Have a good weekend everyone~

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” 
― Oscar Wilde 

With loves,



Ding Dong! 

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Okay, been away for a LONG time. Was pretty busy recently :((

But I’m back! 😀

Okay, been inspired by a friend to write this post.

Everytime we take photographs together. Be it group photo or individual photo, he doesn’t like to take them. So that day I asked him about it.

And he mentioned, “I don’t know how to smile”

I said something to him, and will like to share with you all of you this nice quote of mine. teehee


What I feel is that everyone have their own unique type of smile.

You don’t have to follow what the others do,

because you are special in your own way.

And no one can take that away from you.

In the past, I do not like to take photographs as well because I thought I looked ugly compared to the rest.

During those things that happened in life, including my surgery, I realised there are still so many things I have yet to do and that

includes simple things like a beautiful smile.

From that day onwards, my smile came from within my heart.

I do not really care how ugly I look in the photo physically any more because I know that deep in my heart lies a sincere smile.

True happiness comes from the heart.

So people, don’t worry so much about how you look in the photographs anymore because you are beautiful in your own way. And

that’s something no one can judge about you.

Remember to smile when you can, Life’s too short to be unhappy.

You only live once, don’t do things that you will regret.

And I heard something that I was really thankful about.

People have said that my laugh was contagious 😉

My greatest wish is that everyone around me to be happy forever and ever. ( I think that will never ever change 😉 )

With lots of love,


I decided to be happy,


I’ve decided to be happy.

I’ve decided to be happy because there are only benefits 🙂
And do you have idea why?

Imagine you are angry with someone for doing something wrong, but that anger comes in you and not the other party, who is at the loss? You. Because you feel the anger but they don’t feel anything.

Not only that, it has been proven that laughter is the best medicine!!
Laughter can help improve one’s health.
And laughter is infectious, it can increase happiness in everyone. :))

Also, if you have a choice to live a day either with happiness or sadness,
which one will you choose?

You choose. 🙂

I’ve decided to live with happiness because there are only benefits. 😉
Hopefully, so do you.


“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
― Dr Seus

Smile all problems away,

As she looked up the dark sky,

she let out a long sigh.

Looking up at the stars twinkling ,

it was as if they were smiling.

Things were hard,

and it was driving her nuts.

At least it was what she thought,

this was how hard she fought.

Tears started to well up in her eyes,

those crying have never been so nice.

Those tears were a relief,

that people could not see.

After letting go,

she knew it was time to know.

Things aren’t that bad,

when it seems so mad.

When things are blue,

all she had to do,

was to smile

and continue the journey of thousand miles.


A poem I wrote 🙂

Smile all problems away.