#136 Irony,

Credits: Google

                      Credits: Google

I want you to know,
but I was wishing for you
to never know too.

I guess I will not
understand the irony
of our heart and mind.




#13 The Irony Of Life

One step,

and two.

His weak steps caused him to stumble,

and he mumbled.

May the night,

brings out the light.

Each breath he takes,

was a heartache.

He looked up to the sky,

and thought if his life was not a sigh.

That warm moonlight,

was a beautiful sight.

Stars twinkle and winkle,

and up the sky, they mingle.

They shone so brightly,

just like how he grab on his life tightly.

He remembered that fateful day,

when everything was taken away.

That collapse of his,

gave many opportunities a miss.

When he heard the news,

where was he supposed to find an excuse?

He was in a daze,

when he realised the reality he would have to face.

He was that young,

when the bell of the illness rung.

He struggled to live,

where only emotions seaved.

He prayed hard each day,

hoping that the next day he can still have a say.

He pondered,

and he wondered.

That beautiful sky,

yet a hard life.

How ironic,

is life.