#197 Uncertainty,

So many stories
untold, those desperate callings
from the heart ignored.

Uncertain was it
shared stories or unspoken
words broke one’s heart more.






#196 Be at Peace,

Rain was in shatters,
bidding goodbye to you who
have chosen to leave.

To a better place,
where no longer pain and hurt
can be felt, we prayed.




PS: Dedication to you, K. Rest in Peace.

#180 A brand new start,

No one said that life journey was easy,
neither was it dreamy.
Troubles and difficulties arrived easily,
causing one to live miserably.
Much tears were shed,
when expectations were not met.
As one desperately kept on finding,
for glimpse of hope that was shining.
To muster the courage to stand up again,
looking forward for a new start to obtain.
With love we shared,
hands we paired.
A brand new start we embraced,
to put everything back in place.
PS: Sorry for disappearing for so long.. Will update time to time, thank you for still being here ❤