Been reading some sad stuff on people’s blog today and it really gets to me.

Also, it is always heartbreaking to see how broken a person can get in their life, to see them lose hope in the society.

But people, don’t be unhappy. Stay strong okay ❤

Always remember things will get better tomorrow.

Treat it this way whereby experiences you have in your lives are lessons for you to learnt from it.

Stay happy and take care everyone!

“There’s no point to living life unless you make history and the best way to make history is to help others.” 
― Demi Lovato 

Even when you already experienced it, if ever other people do require that type of advice or listening ear, Offer them.

It will be a wonderful and meaningful help to them. :’)

And yes, never forget how beautiful the society is and will always be. There might be things that have happened, making you unhappy but that’s not the majority..

And I was so happy to see good deeds on the road today. ;))

So what happened was that apparently there was this motorcyclist whose motor broke down in the middle of the road and a car stopped behind him to help him have a lookout to let people make sure that people will not hit him!

That was so sweet, yes it might be a small act but yes, it’s so meaningful!

After that, another motorcyclist stopped and went over to help him! :’))

Kind acts on the roads..:D

Keep sharing love and kindness in this world to make it a better place!

With loves,


#10 Life

Recently things that happened in 2013, just made me realised how fragile life is.

Is like tick, once the heartbeat stops, once the brain stops functioning.

And the life is taken away.

Not that I didn’t understood this in the past. But this year really made me noticed it even more than usual.

This year, I have received messages or heard things about people’s death, even though it is in the starting of the 2013.

And I was starting to doubt whether this year would be a good year.

I remembered how excited I was for 2013, hoping that this year would be a better year than last year. But I guess I was wrong.

From the starting of the year, I have already lost my dear beloved uncle.

How nice can this year be, I already doubt so.

From recent news about the Boston attack, from the accidents that have happened and was showed in the news,actor passing on, made me realised in another state of level whereby how precious yet fragile life is.

To the people who left suddenly, without any words said before passing on, all they left were the love for this world and the memories for their precious ones that were left behind.

We can say all as much as we like, as much as we can. We could probably assume things or words that were left unsaid or left behind.

However, yet life goes on.

It could be a hard and tough one.

But it is a road we have to take.

Nonetheless, I sincerely believed that those who left, will never ever want to see their loved one being sad or living a worse life than before.

And don’t give up, live for the ones who are still around.

Don’t ever be afraid because love never dies.

The person could have left, but their love will always be around.

Be strong, people.

And never give up for the people who you love, and who loves you.

“If during this time, or some other time we were separated, I wouldn’t forget you. I’d recall how many years have passed knowing you.” 
― Tomoko Yamashita, Koi No Hanashi Ga Shitai