To all my readers..

A heartfelt thank you to all my readers. Either from 2012, any years in between till today. I’m always thankful and grateful for the support I have received all these years. Especially when I have started writing till to grown interest and yet as a bonus, I have received loyal readers like you all today.

Today marks the 4th year since I have shared my heartfelt story and I will really appreciate if you take the time to read this.

Talking or interacting with humans are an open door to an unlimited varieties of stories. You will know me better definitely 🙂

Thank you and drop me a comment if you like it. ☺💕


#36 The Wanderer,

There is a place I want to go,
somewhere myself do not know.
Just wandering down the street,
and see where the roads meet.
Walking without any help of map,
telling myself maybe just another lap.
Unsure of where to go,
but never stop exploring though.
Purely enjoying the breeze,
feeling everything at ease.
Going on this trip,
as experiences sipped.
Finding stories that were untold,
to realise those were gold.
I saw things with my heart,
which felt like a new start.
Maybe I should keep wandering,
as I continue pondering.


My Favourite Posts..

Thought I’ll just share a few of my favourite posts here for all of you to read. hehe. 🙂

This post was actually meant to cover the question I posted during March but I’ve decided to change the way and here goes.

These following below are my favourite or the most meaningful posts to my heart and soul, so if it is possible, please take some time to read it.

I’ll be really grateful 😉

The top 10 posts: (not ranked accordingly)

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Hope everyone like these! 🙂

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“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” 
― Oscar Wilde 

With loves,




When things are so annoying,

When there are milestones in life.

I tell myself, ” C’est la vie”.

It means “such is life”. Gah, isn’t it true? hahaha.

The road in life is never straight.

Then I walked away, to face more stories in life.

PS: Although I hate morning peak hour buses, but in the morning, there are always so many stories to see and tell. 😉

And today is the officially first year I joined wordpress! YAYY


“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” 
― Albert Einstein