This is an article that I sent in and got published on the newspaper 1 year back then.

Decided to write it in english and edit some parts 😛


If anyone ask you what home is, how will you answer them?

I was very curious at what answers I would get from the people around me and thus I went to ask some friends. To everyone, this word “home” have many meanings behind it, and of course, my friends felt the same way.

Some friends say that home is a place whereby when they are tired after a long day, they could go back and have a good rest. To some friends, they felt that home is when the people whom you love are together with you and for me, I feel that to me, home is a safe haven.

When I was young, if anything unhappy happened, the first place I will run back to and to complain, was home. I remembered a fieldtrip where I had to go overseas with my friends and teachers, within a few days, the place I missed the most was still home.

When I was still not sensible, I neglected alot of things in my life. The past me wouldn’t have noticed these small little things or details. When I grew up, I understood many things and felt even more conscious to the things happening around me. I felt so grateful that I could own a wonderful home like this.

And this cuteness of the home came from the people I love, acting like guardian angels around me. Whenever I faced some obstacles in life or did something wrong in my life, the only people who did not give up on me was my family.

Writing this, it is not just only to show my gratitude to my family, I also wish that anyone who read this, please do not ever neglect your family who is always there for you.

A home to me, is not a house. Where my family is, there lies my heart and soul, and that’s where home is.

Home is indeed a safe haven..

“Well, sometimes home is a person.” 
― Beth Revis, A Million Suns