Have you wondered how meaningful photographs are?
As time passes, you will actually find things changing along together. Places you have gone to could be modernised or maybe, it could also have been removed.

Sometimes, people you know changes as well. Actually everyone do changes. As we get older, our mindset changes according to our age and experiences that have shaped us to who we are. In a point of our lives, we might also have lost people we loved.

Maybe one day, you will look at yourself in the mirror and start thinking how you were like back then. That is probably where photographs comes in place.

People changes, place changes, but photographs do not change. That certain moment could have been over long time ago, but yet photographs captures those memories that would also stay stagnant for you to reminisce when the time comes.

One day, you probably find yourself looking at pictures and you will be like , ” I actually remember this time! ” Memories of that certain period will probably start playing as if you were watching a video. Just that it is a special video. It belongs to you.

Photograph is like a pictorial diary for you to look at in any time of your life. Now, do you know why I love taking photographs? Because they are memories I will really treasure and reminisce in the future..

I do hope that you have found a way to capture yours too.

Bye for now!






I was inspired by one of my good friend to write this blog post.


Apparently, she likes to ask me this question when I want to take a photo, ” Why do you want to take photo? I don’t want!”


HAHAA. Then I will tell her why I want to take photographs.


I like taking photographs for a reason.


We can’t preserve time but we can preserve a moment from that time.


That is photographs.


We can’t stop time, however, when we take photographs, we can have a moment of the past, in the future.


Here I will share a few photographs, taken in Taiwan.


I feel that when I look at these pictures in the future, I will be extremely happy and it will be a good way for me to reminisce the past.

Facebook, Instagram, blogs are actually very good tools to store your pictures. 😉

So dear friend, don’t ask me again okay? 🙂

Let’s store these memories for the future.

Guys, next time if people take photographs with you, Take them happily okay! They will become a good memory in the future. 😉


“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” 
― Karl Lagerfeld