My dear friend just gave me inspirations to write this blog post.
So here goes.
I understand that I have wrote pretty much posts on life. But I guess the definition of life and how we describe it kept changing that it can go on forever and forever.

My friend asked me this, ” Do you think life is cruel? Giving happiness then take it away.”

To this, I personally feel that yes, life is cruel in a way. Maybe at times. And when we are feeling in bliss, someone out there in the world could be suffering and thus, life is cruel in a way.

But thinking about the positive side, these setbacks actually made us grow in our lives. From what happened, from what we defined as “cruel” things, we learnt how to cope in these type of situations and maybe next time, we could even share with others our experiences and what we learnt from it. From these sharings, we could probably help other people avoid the setbacks or even give advices to allow them to solve the problem even more efficiently.

We have to understand that life doesn’t always go where we want to go.
And thus, we just have to learn to be even more flexible.
Alot of things, we have to learn to let go more easily and look in the positive way.

At the moment when you decided to let go/ forgive and forget,
the next time when you look back,
you will be wondering why you felt that way in the past.

And only that, you can find happiness and look forward to life.

Furthermore, you will realise that perhaps when you gotten yourself into a new road, it could be a road to a newer and brighter future. Life is unexpected. 🙂


“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

-Albert Einstein