Life is a mirror,

Hi everyone, So apparently I bought this chinese “chicken Soup” book today whereby all inspiring stories and philosophy stories will be brought up in the book. I really like this alot so guess I will share it. 🙂

Have you ever wondered if life is fair to each of us? What we give to life is what we will get back from life. When you smile , your life will be smiling back at you. And when you cry, your life will be crying with you.

Everyone have the same thinking and wish that their lives will be free of obstacles and just plain and simple. Yet, many obstacles we faced in our lives made us unhappy or even cry and these are what made us think how bad life is. However, the true fact is that because we tend to forget to smile and be thankful in our lives.

Why is life is a mirror? Its because it reflects what we feel about life. For example, if we don’t like a person and treats him or her badly, will one expect him/ her to treat them well? No. Even if they do, their sincerity will still be rejected.

Okay, so here comes a story from the book.

In a village somewhere far far away, an old man sat down at the entrance of the village quietly, enjoying the sun. A stranger drove and stopped at the entrance. He then got down and asked the old man, ” Hi, I’m intending to move house. Is this place good? Are the people here friendly?”

The old man just silently looked up and observed the young man infront of him. He then asked. “How are the people like around your past home?”. The young man just gave a sigh, and replied,” all those people there are so unfriendly and unsociable. They are so selfish! I just want to leave there as soon as possible! That’s the reason why I’m moving house so urgently.”

The old man then shook his head and calmly replied, ” I’m sorry to tell you but all these people here are the same way as those people in your past house.”

The young man was disappointed and drove off.

After a few days, at the same place, he met another young man. He asked the same question. Yet, the answer was different.

“I really love the people over there! If not for my work, I will not have bear to leave them! They are really nice, friendly and sociable! I really like them alot.*

The old man then smiled and exclaimed, ” This is the right place for you, young man! You came to the right place. The people here are just like how they are there!”

So in the end , the second young man moved in and indeed, he got along well with all the people there.

Thus, in the end, what we see in the world is actually how we are like. Although we know that life is a mirror, however many times, we just don’t bother to look at it.

When we kept complaining about lives, making ourselves feel so pathetic, in the end, we did not realised that we are the ones, who made our own lives so miserable..

So, stop complaining and look at the people around you.
Really, who are you?
And if you decided to change for better, you will feel more happier than what you are today 😉

Quote: “Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it. -Ernest Holmes”

Thank you, and have a great day ahead ! 🙂