#182 Gift Exchange,

That day, that moment,
they had a gift exchange and
it was so vivid.

Goodbye was given
to her while she presented
her blessings to him.




Honoured ^-^

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Kudos to a new friendship and i have the secret safe with me. ^^


No one said love was easy.

Love was hard, love was tough.

It does not apply only for relationship loves, but as for friendship loves as well.

Many things are being taken into granted of and either we don’t bother to do anything or we did not notice and realised it.

We get hurt along the way and hurt the others either intentionally or unintentionally.

For many things that happened, We cried, we laughed, we smiled, we fight.

All these things were the ingredients to make a best friendship.

Dear friends, know that I will always be there for you no matter what happens.

If ever wonder I get hurt along the way, heal me.

But know that you can approach me if you need any help, I’ll be there.

And why?

” Because we are friends.”


There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters, who never did and who always will.

– Unknown

Side note:

It’s holiday now! Off from my busy schedule! yay.

Hope everyone have a good day ! 🙂


A poem dedicated to a special friend.

When two girls who like to read meets,
We know they are the leaders who lead.
A friendship that is slowly build up,
Distance wouldn’t bring it down.
When we first met,
It seems like this friendship is set.
Just so you know,
This friendship aren’t getting low.
Dreams are hard to follow,
But please don’t let it go.
I have faith in you,
so start your life brand new!

Hope you guys like this as well. 🙂


” Hard times don’t last forever but true friendship do. I’ll always be there for anything you need. Even if it’s just someone to listen to.”

A late letter,

I read this book, its in chinese. But the title of this book is A late letter, 一封迟来的信。 It pretty touches my heart and makes me feel really sad. I used to have a friendship problem in the past, which is pretty similar to this book. Misunderstandings caused a broken friendship. And what I thought it was so true is that I moved on like the girl in the story. But the only thing different is that, I approached them to ask why.

“You need to understand that there are some things that you can’t get or achieve although you have worked hard for. Especially the relationship between humans, other than working hard, sometimes, you require affinity. Including relationship, it is something you can’t forced.”

It was exactly the same way I felt. After explaining for a period of time, I grew tired and I stopped explaining.

“A friendship without trust, even with much explanation, nothing will change.”

“Learn to appreciate the people around you. There are still many true friends around you.”

“Let go of the past. The next time I see them, I will just give them my most beautiful smile.”

So true, so right. Until today, I can’t really remember what had happened in the past. Without trust in a friendship, that’s not even call a friendship.That day, I too felt we could hold each other’s hands and walk this road together.


Well, then let this past go past. 🙂

But Ps: I saved the friendship in the end :’) Just sharing this, because I really love the words being said.


“There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters, who never did, and who always will.”

– Unknown

Thanks for reading.

And have a good day people!