#201 Fulfilment,

Complicated feels
enveloped the confused me,
something I questioned.

Figuring things out,
gaining new experiences,
understanding life.

Then realisation
hits, it was always about
the lives we have touched.



To all my readers..

A heartfelt thank you to all my readers. Either from 2012, any years in between till today. I’m always thankful and grateful for the support I have received all these years. Especially when I have started writing till to grown interest and yet as a bonus, I have received loyal readers like you all today.

Today marks the 4th year since I have shared my heartfelt story and I will really appreciate if you take the time to read this.


Talking or interacting with humans are an open door to an unlimited varieties of stories. You will know me better definitely 🙂

Thank you and drop me a comment if you like it. ☺💕


#186 Threads // Peace,


Threads // Peace

My honour and my first collab with talented @d_atn .🎉 It’s a beautiful art piece that portray similar meaning that we are both trying to bring out. Do follow him on @d_atn (instagram) to check out more of his artwork 

Entangled threads in our mind cause a great deal of misery and pain as they symbolizes our beliefs and holds them in place.

With eyes sewn shut, we are unable to view our lives from a different perspective. The entanglements will only worsen if we are unable to let go of the past.

We will be trapped and entangled for as long as we bear these grudges. Their time has passed and no longer exists, but the hurts from holding onto these invisible threads still do..

#180 A brand new start,

No one said that life journey was easy,
neither was it dreamy.
Troubles and difficulties arrived easily,
causing one to live miserably.
Much tears were shed,
when expectations were not met.
As one desperately kept on finding,
for glimpse of hope that was shining.
To muster the courage to stand up again,
looking forward for a new start to obtain.
With love we shared,
hands we paired.
A brand new start we embraced,
to put everything back in place.
PS: Sorry for disappearing for so long.. Will update time to time, thank you for still being here ❤

Dedication Post To Mr Lee,

Hello everyone. Today, I will be writing this post in the train. As I am busy recently, I apologised for not being able to update more frequently nowadays. My poems will be scheduled in once every 3 to 4 days. Hope you can understand and continue reading them!

Today, I will be dedicating this post to a great leader ; an inspiring person, my idol, Mr Lee Kuan Yew.
On the 23rd March, he passed away. This heartbreaking news broke hearts of many including mine.

As mentioned in a post i posted last week, he was a great man. At the very point, I felt strongly that no matter what, I should pay my last respect to him or I will really regret it for the rest of my life. Without him, there will not be us today. I’m really grateful and thankful.

It had been a harsh week but I have seen really heart-warming news, kind acts on the streets and so. The kind acts we see on the streets are really heart-warming and probably those that we could find comfort in such a bad time..

I will like to share some photos with you.


There were many people queueing to pay respect to him. (Credits: Facebook)


At one of the tribute site. (Credits: Facebook)


The number of people who queued to pay their respect to Mr Lee. Credits: Facebook

For more, you can read this. – http://news.asiaone.com/news/singapore/more-14-million-people-turn-pay-their-last-respects-mr-lee-kuan-yew 


One of the tribute site I went.


  Candles were lit to form a Singapore map.



Flowers for Mr Lee at Parliament House.


Flowers outside Istana.


Flowers outside Istana.


At the airport.


At one of the libraries.


Card I made for Mr Lee with his flower as the background. (http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/more-singapore-stories/story/new-orchid-aranda-lee-kuan-yew-named-honour-singapores-c)


Reciting the pledge. Credits: Facebook


Sending Mr Lee off. Credits: Facebookimage

The rain does not stop people from sending Mr Lee off.


Mr Lee, although you are not here any more, you will always live in our hearts and memories. Thank you for all your contributions to Singapore, building Singapore from a small village to where we are right now. Thank you for opening many doors to the bright future for us.
I am really proud to say that I am a Singaporean and you will be deeply missed.

Goodbye and Rest In Peace, Mr Lee.