#164 Blessed,

I looked into your
loving dark brown eyes that was
gazing back at me.

That moment I knew
I was thankful and was blessed
to have you in life.



#123 Her eyes,

Credits: Google

                          Credits: Google

People say that the
flame in her eyes have lighted
even more brightly.

Then a thought popped in,
wondering if you were the
reason behind it.


#28 Most Beautiful Thing,


There is a question I used to wonder,

And the answer lies deep under.

What is the most beautiful thing that exists?

There, the answers remains a long wide list.

Could it be the wide blue sky?

The place where hope lies.

Or could it be the rainbow,

Where the dreams soar up so.

It was at the point of time,

When I felt like making everything mine.

Realisation hits right at me,

And I saw what I always wanted to see.

The most beautiful thing,

Where different stories sing.

It cannot be seen with bare eyes,

And cannot be covered with lies.

There it go,

Following the flow.

When we start to feel with our hearts,

Then that is when the journey really starts.

– CW