A trip to Taiwan,

Hi I’m back everyone! This holiday was a great one, went to Taiwan for 9 days and had the most amazing time over there!

Here’s some photos to share with you, all of you! 😀


Beautiful sight isn’t it. hehe. It was the time when I left Singapore. :))


Amazing sight isn’t it? I saw alot of people fishing and saw small little crabs. THEY WERE SO CUTE!!!


Went to the lavender cottage, I made my own DIY bag. Apparently it smell so gooodd. :))


I also visited the cardboard place whereby everything was made of cardboard!!

There were animals made out of cardboards, amazing isnt it?

Saw bags, hats made out of cardboards as well. I was pretty surprised by the sight over there. It was really cool!


Now this is really cool, the Cinjing farm, whereby there were sheeps running all around.

I was pretty freaked out, because I’m not really a fan of animals. Rather I’m scared of them. >.< HAHA. Pretty ran around in the farm, having sheeps chasing around.

But yet, I challenged myself to do something that I was surprised even by myself.

So here goes..

I chose a white one. :p



But really, it was a great experience, and I really like it alot.

And when I look into the eyes of the horses, I felt they could look so deep into one’s heart. I was pretty amazed with what I felt. And yeah, It was really fantastic.


Then we went to feed ducks and swans! Look how beautiful the swans are .. ❤


Had starbucks in the high speed train ❤


These drawings here were drawn by students.




And had an experience watching movie at taiwan 😀

HAHA. It was really cool. (Man of Steel)


Had Baskin Robbin at taiwan too. awesome ttm under the hot weather. hehe


The very next day, we visited yinyang sea. One of my favourite picture of all.

Do you spot 2 colours in the sea? Yeap, its 2 colours. Amazing and I wanted to just dive in and swim. HAHA.


One of our freshly cooked seafood meal.
Taste delicious and it’s cheap.


Went to watch sunset too! Isn’t it amazing? 😀

So many people were there to watch it too. A pretty cool sight.


Second sunset during the trip.

Really felt good and warm watching the sun set. :’)


My trace of footsteps on the sand. hehe.

Square shaped because there’s the shape of the slippers the hotel provided. ;d


Ate TAIWAN macs too. hehe.

And then as time flies,

it was time to go home..


There are actually many more photos but I guess I just share with all of you a summary of my experience in Taiwan.
I really like it alot and yes, polite people.

Politeness was in the air 🙂 and it really gave people a good feeling.

“Travel brings power and love back into your life.” 
― Rumi

Signing off now,

Hope you have a good holiday and week too!

Cya! 😀

A question :))

Hi everyone! I’m back after a week.

Been in the holiday mood, and the reason for not blogging–> Laziness.

HAHA, so how have you guys been? 🙂

This will be a special post.

For you to share with me something unique or unforgettable thing that have happened to you in your life.

I will share my story in the next post if I get some response. hehee.

““Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”
― Mark Twain “