#89 Christmas,

As the night rolled in,
the lights on the christmas trees
shine bright like diamonds.

Children hung their stars
on top of the tree as if
tying their wishes.

The stars on the trees
seemed to harmonize with those
sprinkled in the sky.

The comforting feel
warms up the chilly night in
which a pretty sight.



Merry Christmas,

The time of the year has come again!


Hereby wishing all of you a merry christmas!

And may all your wishes come true. 😀

Perhaps if you are a good girl or boy, santa might pop by 😛

Chanced by this pretty xmas tree in a restaurant. 🙂

Pretty, isn’t it?

My only wish this year for you out there, who is reading this,

to be happy forever and ever. :’)


With loves,