#190 Nature,

Strong gust of wind blew,
yet naturally taking
you along with it.



(Haven’t got to finish posting the poems i wrote in 2017, so there will be 2 today to mark the arrival of 2018!)

Happy new year all of you! Have a blessed year ahead 🙂


#189 Puzzle,

You were like puzzle
waiting to be understood
and be deciphered.

Being able to
find the key seemed apparent,
yet I never did.



 PS: Written a few poems all these while, will be posting them soon, stay tuned x

#187 The Melancholy Sky,


Credits: @d_atn (Check him out on instagram for more of his work!)

Ever since that day,
the sky cried buckets of tears,
every now and then.

Was it to soothe the
somber atmosphere or just
for a good night sleep?

Wearing shattered heart
on sleeve, it was sharing my
unspoken story.



#186 Threads // Peace,


Threads // Peace

My honour and my first collab with talented @d_atn .🎉 It’s a beautiful art piece that portray similar meaning that we are both trying to bring out. Do follow him on @d_atn (instagram) to check out more of his artwork 

Entangled threads in our mind cause a great deal of misery and pain as they symbolizes our beliefs and holds them in place.

With eyes sewn shut, we are unable to view our lives from a different perspective. The entanglements will only worsen if we are unable to let go of the past.

We will be trapped and entangled for as long as we bear these grudges. Their time has passed and no longer exists, but the hurts from holding onto these invisible threads still do..