Honoured ^-^

HELLO. I’m here to share the good news with all of you! Really honoured and glad that I won the lucky draw by Genevieve ! I  am pleased to say that I really love her book so much! Specially thanks to gen for having this lucky draw and i got a signed copy! Yays!

Please remember to get your copy when her books are on amazon! ^^

Heres a glimpse of the prizes that im really proud to have. ;p


Check out her blog now! ^^


Kudos to a new friendship and i have the secret safe with me. ^^


5 thoughts on “Honoured ^-^

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I am overwhelmed by your kind words, truly am. (yeah, crying right now, I can be very emotional *blush*) This is unexpected and I feel honoured by your praise. Again, thank you. Words are not enough to express my gratitude. I hope I can continue making books and inspiring people. I am glad and feel blessed to have found a great friend in you *hugs*

  2. Hi again dear! Just wanted you to know that I am posting this on my FB page and Twitter. I hope that’s alright with you. By the way, my book is now officially on sale through central.com.ph, sulitbooks.com, and me through my FB page by sending me a private message. I’ll be making an ebook version of UNMASKED soon! Thanks again for the kind words! Take care always ^_^

    • Hi! Congratulations Genevieve! :)) So happy for you! I saw your message, really glad to see! 🙂 Thanks too Gen! Take care too meanwhile 🙂

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