#88 Christmas Wish,

Back then I used to
be able to fill a whole
list of christmas wish.

As I grew older,
unknowingly my wish list
has gotten shorter.

That was also when
I realised many desired
things cannot be bought.



4 thoughts on “#88 Christmas Wish,

  1. How very true that most things that are deeply desired are not tangible items to be bought at a price, but rather priceless moments that grab out heart and soul. Beautiful poetry, lovely site! Thanks for the follow and for the visit on my site as well. Merry Christmas and may yours be filled with riches beyond what money can ever buy! God bless and keep you 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment 🙂 and yes, i guess when we get older, our mindset changes along. :’)
      merry christmas too! 🙂 Have a blessed one.

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