#81 Imperfect me,

Sometimes at late night,
I sit by the window and
started reflecting.

To realise again,
how blessed I really am
and count my blessings.

To share my story,
to receive love from others,
and to enjoy life.

Sincere gratitude
to all these love showered on
this imperfect me.

There is nothing else
I will still ask for more when
now I have them all.


10 thoughts on “#81 Imperfect me,

  1. CW this is a positive thought for today.
    As imperfect as we are, again one late night forgetting this positive thought created a few nights ago we will again find ourselves sitting by the window, reflecting the negativities metted out to us and shedding tears.

  2. That is a beautiful thought full of gratitude for the very people that are themselves (if they are like me) grateful to you for the lovely words we get to read, and the sentiments we share when we visit you here. Have a nice night. Read you later.

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