#35 Back to one,

It made me ponder,
as much as i wonder.
Those memories still tingles,
where feelings also lingers.
As how beautiful it seemed.
Was everything just a dream?
It felt as if it did not exist,
where everything hang in the midst.
Was it just me,
and no one else could see.
Now that it’s all done,
everything fades back to one.


2 thoughts on “#35 Back to one,

  1. Loved the verse. What resonated with me were these lines, and I quote,

    “Was it just me,
    and no one else could see.”

    Would this seem to exhibit a concern about one’s own ability to visualise a situation correctly? Would that imply a kind of loss of faith in oneself?


    • Hi , Thanks for liking it 🙂
      And yes, what I tried to express here is that after loss, one tends to feel unrealistic and somehow still in denial. He/She started to doubt him or herself.
      Best regards xx

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