Picture taken at Books Actually.

This place is a paradise for me, I hope it’s yours too.

Have I told you before how much I actually love reading?

That feeling when you feel like you entered another world,

travelling along with the characters in the book. :’)

But feeling all empty when you finished a book.

 I especially love going to book stores.

Is like the moment when you step into the book store,

You see all the new books on the shelves.

You stand there and admire the books for a while.

You pick up a book,

And feel the cover.

As you flip open the book,

you smell the wonderful smell of a new book.

Then you either start reading it,

or even decide to buy it home.

Ahh, that feeling is the best!

I can spend hours in the book stores,

And coming out feeling so happy over it.


That’s exactly how I feel every time I finished a book.

We get to learn so much from a book itself.

So never ever give up on reading okay?

Books are human’s best friend ever. :’)

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