#18 Black, White, Grey

Hi everyone, I’m back with a poem.
This poem is abit deep and thus, try to read it by the small paragraphs.
Hope you like it. ๐Ÿ˜€

Black, White and Grey

The things that people fear,

what happened might make them tear.

“I cannot do it”,

where expectations cannot meet.

The world is black,

where hopes and dreams lacked.

The things that people dream,

passion and love can be seen.

To reach the peak of the world,

where everything perfect twirl.

The world is white,

a place where all the things are in a bright light.

The things that people worry yet anticipate,

and it is their choice whether to participate.

To reach their goal is not an easy ride,

and they have to put up a good fight.

Things might be good or bad,

that drives one happy or mad.

The world is grey,

where reality lay.

Thank you for reading.
If there is any comments or enquiries, feel free to reach me at sunflowerrosecw@gmail.com


4 thoughts on “#18 Black, White, Grey

  1. Brilliant! Beautiful! Flows so naturally, rhyming is well done structure is really interesting like trilogy of poem, theme is relatable, and a good balance if emotions, vocab is very friendly. Truly original!!

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