A story to remember,

Today I want to share a story with all of you.

It will not be an inspiring quotes day but is a story to remember. At least for myself 😉

Had a really bad and tiring day today.

Was feeling pretty moody today but I wouldn’t share the details why. 😛 and plus, I was tired, my cranky mood was switched on.

Anyway, I was on my way home with my besteh, F. We were queueing at the usual long bus queue.

Then we spotted one girl who was standing at the side of the bus interchange, she looked really pale and F saw her bang into the wall. Although there were people standing near that girl and there were quite a number of people who saw happened, no one stood out and in the end, we decided to offer our help.

I went over and consecutively asked if she was okay. But yet, there was no response. She looked so terrible that she was about to faint anytime. We got her to squat down and that was when F and I passed her a bottle of medical oil and plastic bag. Took awhile for her to regain her consciousness, and that was when she said she wanted to vomit. In the end, we walked with her to the toilet that was located super far away. F also helped her apply medicated oil 😀

F and I decided to be a good person till the very end, helped her as much as we could, we decided to send her home. We took a taxi in the end, and sent her back home. During the trip, F and that girl could break fast already! I provided sweets for them and was so glad that I had my first aid kit and sweets in my bag. When the taxi driver heard, he was like , ” Your parents open provision shop? That’s why you have so many sweets in your bag.”

I was so surprised at the taxi driver’s joke. But I did offer him as well. When he continued the conversation, I was a little taken aback. He asked if we were still schooling or working. When he heard that we are still students, he  said that we were so rich that we can afford to take taxi back home. He continued saying that tomorrow we could be eating only white bread and drink water after this taxi treat today.

I did not want to say anything infront of the girl because she might feel even more guilty for letting us fetch her home. When we finally reached the girl’s house, her mother came and thanked us profusely. She offered to pay for the taxi fare which we declined many times, but in the end, she insisted.

When we continued our trip back, we slowly explained the whole matter to the taxi driver and he was surprised about our actions despite not being related to the girl. In the end, we chatted with him for the whole trip back and he kept praising us for being so kind. As we talked to him, I somehow had this thought that it would be such a great thing if everyone was so nice and friendly. HAHA. When we finally reached our destination, he said some things that I think I will never ever be able to forget.

“Girls, well done and good job today. For your kind deed today, I have decided to minus $2 off your taxi bills. You see, actually the bill is $29.50 but yes, $27 will do. I wanted to get you two ice cream but I can’t stop here so that $2, you can go get yourself ice cream to reward yourself! Keep up the good job and all the best.”

Such a cute and nice uncle. We didn’t want to let him deduct that $2 but he still did it anyway. Thank you so much, uncle. So everyone was happy in the end :’)

Although it has been a bad day today, I’m glad something in the evening managed to brighten up my night. :’)

F, we wouldn’t forget today, will we?

Remember how we always say we want to help people as much as we can?

We took our little one step tonight. :’)

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” 
― Aesop

Signing here off,



6 thoughts on “A story to remember,

  1. Seems we have similar outlook on life. After all the studies and degrees in religion I have dumped most of the books and try to live by two simple rules.: Never be the source of anyone’s misfortune and never pass up the opportunity to perform a charitable act. Blessings.

  2. How wonderfully kind of you to help this girl and do it all the way, also great from the taxi driver. See what goes round comes round. What a nice ending to the day. Hope you feel better now.

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