#9 Life

So I realised this is my 9th post about life.

Gah, Life definitely had me thinking every single day.

Too many thoughts that are going through my mind.

After losing another loved one recently and another incident that had happened, it really made me sink into deep thoughts.

Life is so complicated, sometimes it makes me happy, sometimes it made me angry, and sometimes, it made me sad.

The unpredictability of life.

The happy moments we have in life.

The sad moments we gone through in life.

Sometimes, these moments gets to me, and I really felt that it could been cool if we could read our lives like how we read a book, knowing the things we will encounter, knowing the ending of our lives.

But if that really happens, then what is the good thing about life to be anticipated when we knew every single thing in our lives.
There will not be any surprises, there will not be expectations and anticipations in our lives.

Some people told me is scary to know the ending of our lives.
But if we knew, perhaps we could have appreciate our life even more. Perhaps that we could have preparations for things.

But unfortunately, that’s not goona happen. Heh.

Well, I guess all of us rather live our life everyday, anticipating the things that will surprise us everyday.

But remember, no matter what happens,

A smile is our clothes everyday.

And because we have no idea what will happen tomorrow,

Live your life like there is no tomorrow.

Never do something that you will regret.

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” 
― Dr. Seuss 


7 thoughts on “#9 Life

  1. Sorry for my first test post, just want to make sure my identity is concealed.

    Actually, there was an experiment that concludes most people would not like to know their exact moment of death. Rather, I think it would make us to appreciate life more with the fear that we might not even wake up the next day or when a ferrari would roar or a flower pot might drop from HDB. Then, we will live our lives more to the fullest, instead of spreading them into the “known” number of days?

    I attended much of them, but none really close to me, guess cuz Im more of someone with really small zone of people that could affect me much.

    My condolences for your 2 losses.

    • hey, is alright for the first post. Hahaa, i get it.
      Yeah, I agree with you in some ways i guess.
      Everyone have different perspective, so yup! I guess is true as well.
      Thanks for the comment and thank you. I really appreciate it. 🙂
      Have a great day ahead.

  2. I agree with you, as we do not know what tomorrow brings and I am happy I do not know, enjoy the present and make the most of each moment and day. Live for hte day and you will have great memories. Lots of things in life or your surroundings happen and they do make us think about life, so don’t throw it away , live consciously and like there is no tomorrow. I think of that a lot too! Ute x

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