Little small things in life,

As I have said the past few days, this week was definitely a terrible one, with a terribly hectic and packed schedule. However, I’m so glad it’s Friday today! which marks the last presentation for the week. I haven’t had enough sleep recently. hahaha. And couldn’t believe I only slept for 2 hours last night.  Well, no matter, I’m a girl who can’t survive without sleep. hahaa. First, I will like to tell all my readers and classmates that, Please do not lose hope. It will be over soon. :’) Although the process could be tough,

there are fun moments and experiences, knowledges learnt throughout the whole thing.

Thus, never regret it!

So here’s Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream to satisfy my cravings,Image

And my friend got this small little cute bear for me in Korea, Image

And another friend bought me a book from Taiwan 🙂Image

These small little things in my life, are the ones that kept me going despite the hard process. They are the little lights that lead me out when I was in my darkness.

Thank you for everything, thank you for everyone who is around me and thank you for single moments that I wish to remember forever and ever. Grateful and thankful. Anyway, It’s Chinese new year eve!~! 🙂

Can’t wait for cny! 🙂 Happy Chinese new year and happy holidays everyone! 😀


“Sometimes you got to APPRECIATE the small things in LIFE. Even if you don’t have enough heart to sacrifice. Everybody makes mistakes, so before regrets, think twice. LIFE IS A LESSON, LOVE IS TO FIGHT.”



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