Believe in miracles, they will come true.

My buddy, Jenny shared with me an important and inspiring quote yesterday. Thought I share with all my readers here.

“Remember that good and bad, the things will past. When there are bad things, just keep telling yourself that they will pass. Don’t get too upset over it. When there are good things, you also have to tell yourself that they will pass and remember to cherish that moment.
You can’t change how other people think, but you can choose to adapt and live happily. Also, if your conscience is clear, there is nothing you need to worry about.”

Thank you, Jenny. 🙂

Also, believe in miracles because they do happen and never give up hope because if you do, you have already lost the battle. Life is full of miracles.
Always keep that in mind 😉


“Miracles happen to those who believe in them.”

-Bernard Berenson

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