Family love,

She walked in the rain,

hoping to wash away her pain.

It was too much for her to hold,

when the truth was told.

The family she was in,

was somewhere she wasn’t supposed to be seen.

All the memories from these years,

were formed into drops of tears.

She had no single idea,

that her family kept the secret away from her.

Why did they not tell her she was adopted all along?

Was it really right or wrong?

String of tears just kept rolling down,

where happiness was nowhere to be found.

Sound of footsteps running behind her could be heard,

never had she ever felt this hurt.

She turned and looked behind,

her eyes just in time to find,

the drenched family of hers.

When they finally reach her,

they know there wasn’t any more words to say.

She was brought into a tight hug,

and she knew where was she to find such a good luck?

With her blurred and teary vision,

she was even more certain with her life mission.

This life was what she wanted,

so what if she was adopted?

She have the greatest family ever,

she was never going to let go, never.

She smiled with her tears of joy flowing down,

it was a happiness that for that instance, she thought it will never be found.

Hand in hand,

she stood up with them.

Then, they strolled back home slowly,

forgetting about the pouring rain totally.

Hope you like it! 🙂

The story scene is actually about this girl who just realised that she was an adopted child of the family. At first, she couldn’t take the truth until her family comes along. Then she figured that, it wasn’t really important whether she’s born in this family or not. It is what she has now that is important.

Quote: Family is the most important thing in the world.

-Princess Diana 


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