Happy Thanksgiving day :)

Hi everyone,

First, I will like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving day! 🙂
In my life, I have too many things to thank about.
I’m thankful to meet people I meet in my life.
I’m thankful for all the laughters and smiles I have in my life.
I’m thankful for all the tears of happiness or sadness I have cried.
I’m thankful to everything that have happened to me. Good or bad.
I’m thankful for all the memories in my life.
Lastly, I’m thankful to be in this world.

If I have to say people in specific , that I want to thank.
I guess this list will never end.
But I’ve to thank my family and some friends in specific,
Thank you for always being there when I need you.
Thank you for giving me advices when I couldn’t find my right way.
Thank you for patting me on my head, and telling me I did well.
Thank you for hugging me when I cry.
Thank you for scolding me when I made a mistake.
Thank you for showering me all the love you can ever give to a person.
Thank you and thank you.

So here comes another self-created poem:


Good memories have brought me all the way,
which left me too much words to say.
Bad memories have came past, 
but I know they will never last.
I am feeling really grateful,
these are things I have been so thankful.
There are so many people I never regret meeting,
they are the ones who control my feelings.
When they cry,
I know I will sigh.
When they laugh,
I know smiling aren’t that tough.
After the rain,
comes the rainbow.
Thank you for all the things that have happened to me,
they were the greatest gift for me.

Thank you for all the support in my blog as well.
I gained my 21st follower tonight.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Now, turn around and say thanks to the people you appreciate. 😉


As we express our gratitude, we must learn never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.

-John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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