Who are we?

Hi everyone, I’m sorry that I wasn’t updating recently because I’ve been really busy recently. Nonetheless, my thoughts continue to flow 😉 So here comes my post today! 20121120-182749.jpg


This is what I drew. I feel that humans are like this picture. All of us are like that.
All of us have the two sides we don’t know.

An angel and A devil.

We have our positive parts , we have our negative parts.
That’s what makes human , isn’t it?
Then I started to think, Who are we?

Actually, who have the answers to it?

Also, happened to realise the change in me.
I feel that I am no longer who I was in the past.

Even things that I define as important, has changed.
After my surgery, many things have changed.
Things around me, perspectives around me.
I learned more about life, the good and bad points.
I wouldn’t say what it is because I believed that all of us have stories we want to share.
In our lives, all of us have experienced the ups and downs , we smile before because we achieved what we wanted, and we cry before because we failed before.
But actually what makes us successful, are eventually those milestones we faced in lives.
We grow and we learn.

Then I figured, many things if we look at a more positive way, we will really feel alot better.
However, eventually, it is still the way you want to perceive it and that, no one can force you.

Today in class, I learnt about non-verbal communication.
Small actions like facial expressions, the tone we talk are non-verbal communication.
For example,
When a girl is talking to her friend, and her friend kept yawning and give an impatient look.
From her non-verbal communication, we know that the friend is bored and do not wish to continue to listen.
Through her friend’s non verbal communication, the girl might understand, and might stop talking and probably give a sad look.
Those facial expression on that girl’s face, will be a non -verbal communication as well, to her friend.

I feel that non verbal communication is as scary as words. Or maybe worst. Because people can actually misunderstand from the non-verbal communication we give.

Anyway, I’m really surprised and amazed by how our lives actually work.
Who created words?
Who says that you have to smile when you are happy?
Who says that you have to cry when you are sad?
I guess all of these, will just be a mystery to me.

Side note:
Look at the brighter side, I promise things will get better.


“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

-Dr Seus


Thank you 🙂



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