“We all have stories we want to tell”

Hihi, I’m back. No poems for today but well tonight, I want to talk about this topic about,” We all have stories we want to tell”, however there are things we just find it hard to say it out, even to people around you. Yesterday, after attending Interpersonal Communication Skills lesson, I found out what my teacher said was true.
” We all have that something we don’t want to let anyone know.”

Maybe that’s known as our privacy I guess. However, yet somehow , we will still use methods to let the other party know how we feel but we just do it in an indirect way. In our hearts, we do have that tinge of hope that the other party understands it. True friends , family understand it. No matter how bad it is, they understand you and encourage you to move on with life. They are the ones who accept who you really are.

Also, I think what my teacher said was so true. “We take time to know a person.” We can’t judge a person purely on a first impression. Time is always needed to let people understand deeper into another.
Recently, I have also noticed many friends around me facing friendship problems and so. But..  A friend is what we need. A listening ear is what we seek. Turn to your family or friends, talk to them, tell them your happy or sad stories. I’m sure they will be really happy to hear. Trust me, don’t bottle everything up. Is better to share with someone as the pain is split into half and the happiness is doubled.

Just to let you know, I’m always here if anyone needs a listening ear.

Have a nice day everyone 🙂

PS: I’m a good listener . xx

 Hard times don’t last forever but true friendships do…I ‘ll always be there for anything you need. 


Thank you 🙂

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