Sorrow of his tears,

Beneath the sorrow of his tears,

hid the secret he had kept for years.

After thinking for so long,

was he in the wrong?

Now memories keep flashing back,

as his tears run down like a broken tap.

The way he now thought,

was just like how he was taught.

A boy can’t cry,

just because of an insignificant lie.

What if he had made his one last fight,

for that one special night?

He had told her a lie,

that was where the secret lies.

Now seeing her with another guy,

he let out a long deep sigh.

Was there still a chance,

just like one last dance?

Then he shook his head,

when he realised everything is too late.


I wonder if people feel like that. Could be a girl’s or boy’s scenerio.

Hope you guys like it anyway 🙂

Thanks 😀

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